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The Bella Coola Valley

Bella Coola is located on the central coast of British Columbia, nestled in the Coastal Mountains. The warm Pacific currents create a lush rainforest climate. Snow-clad peaks pierce the sky on either side of the narrow Valley.

The first settlers  were the ancestors of the Nuxalk people. In 1793 Alexander MacKenzie, searching for a land route across the continent, followed his Indian guides down the mountain sides on the trading route, the Grease Trail. Today, this well marked trail can still be located at Burnt Bridge east of the Village of Firvale.

In the 1890's,  Norwegian settlers  founded the community of Hagensborg. Today, the Valley has a population of  2,000 people, more than half of which are First Nations. Many of the descendants of those original pioneers, are still farming today, fishing in the rich river systems, and hunting the abundant mountain sides.


The Bella Coola Valley provides opportunities to view Grizzly and Black bears,  cougar, deer, wolves, many species of birds and more.